Focus, discipline, and
value creation.

Private Real Estate — Equity

A known leader in the development of private equity investment strategies, Heitman actively manages separate account and commingled fund portfolios across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Our core, value-added, and opportunistic strategies stem from decades of experience, focusing on our clients along with their risk and return objectives to consistently generate competitive overall returns.

  • Global investment strategies

    We acquire property outright or acquire interests in joint venture formats for our clients. Our experience spans across property types, both traditional (e.g., office, industrial, rented residential, and retail) as well as specialty (e.g., self-storage, senior housing, and student housing). Our investment professionals are skilled at executing investments across the risk/return spectrum. The private equity team has extensive resources, including accounting, acquisitions, dispositions, portfolio and asset management, due diligence, and construction/engineering professionals. The team is supported by the broader Heitman platform, which includes all of our key business service groups.

  • Extensive experience

    Heitman has over 30 years of experience investing in private real estate equity. Our real estate experience, business platform, and investment track record make us one of the leading managers in the industry. Our business is structured to provide the highest level of service and meet the objectives of our investors. We have built our reputation on a track record of strategically investing on behalf of our clients. Through periods of market recovery and expansion or market correction, we have maintained an active market presence, searching for mispriced opportunities, building our client base, and expanding our organization's resources.

  • Global investment philosophy

    Our collaborative, multi-disciplined approach to investment has been shaped over multiple market cycles. We are acutely aware of each property sector’s vulnerabilities and behavior during periods of illiquidity, as well as its potential under improving economic conditions. Our time-tested investment philosophy and process is based on three key principles:


    Emphasis on high-quality, well-located property with the functional attributes to stand the test of time.


    Conduct extensive analysis and risk mitigation to ensure that investments meet our standards.


    Identify inefficiencies to implement value-creation programs through active asset management, strategically using capital at each stage of the process.

Global Assets Under Management

  • 34.7

    Billion in assets under management

    USD as of June 30, 2018

Investing in private real estate equity has been a cornerstone of our firm over the past 30 years. We manage investment strategies across the risk/return spectrum.

Our approach is customized to achieve our clients’ goals. We focus on three primary strategies:


Concentrated on investments in high-quality “stabilized” property, where a large percentage of the total return is generated by current income with low volatility. Portfolio construction is driven by sector weightings and asset selection that consider the economic exposure of a particular metropolitan area and geography.


Consists of investments in “non-stabilized” property, where approximately half the total return is generated by growth with higher volatility. Investments with this risk profile are typically time-sensitive and by their nature are in a less efficient part of the investable universe. We seek quality property where we can identify a physical, operational, or financial improvement opportunity that we can address through active management and that has been mispriced by the market. Higher leverage is typically employed as part of the capitalization to enhance the return on equity.


Designed for clients who seek investments in “non-stabilized” property, where the majority of the total return is generated by growth with higher volatility. These investments are typically capitalized utilizing a higher level of leverage to enhance the return on equity.



Our investment team members and property market research professionals follow the markets. To learn how we interpret developments in the industry, please click on an article below.

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