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in-depth research.

Public Real Estate — Equity

Heitman is one of the industry’s most experienced real estate securities investment managers. What we’ve learned through our experience across several property and economic cycles has allowed us to refine our approach to valuing and managing publicly listed securities on behalf of institutional and individual investors across the globe.

  • Global investment strategy

    Recognizing that the North American, European, and Asia-Pacific stock markets and REIT regimes are quite different, we have built a global team with investment professionals in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Their local expertise allows our team members to make real-time, well-informed investment decisions. Our real estate securities team benefits from the broader Heitman platform, which consists of complementary and functionally integrated business units. In particular, the team benefits from the expertise of our property market research group, as they work together to evaluate risks/opportunities for individual REITs.

  • Extensive experience

    Averaging over 20 years of industry experience, our regional portfolio managers have a deep perspective of investing in market recovery/expansion and market corrections. They’ve gained strong insight, allowing them to create thoughtful and strategic solutions while keeping in mind the history of the markets in which we invest. Our dedicated investment team members have diverse backgrounds, ranging from direct real estate valuation to agency, investment banking research, corporate finance, and fund management with highly regarded global firms. This wide range of backgrounds across the equity and debt capital and property markets results in an elite level of analysis and brings a contact network of equal depth and experience, ultimately to the benefit of our clients.

  • Global investment philosophy

    Our investment management style is based upon in-depth, fundamental, and proprietary research and the belief that over the long term, share prices will track underlying asset value and companies that create value will be rewarded by the market. We recognize that markets are inefficient and that share prices can temporarily deviate from fundamental value.

    By applying our knowledge gained over decades in the industry, we believe that we can uncover market price inefficiencies and generate superior returns. Our dynamic portfolio construction results from two distinct Heitman advantages:


    Our complementary business platform gives our real estate securities team deeper insight into the nuances of private real estate. Using a proprietary valuation model, we effectively assess the companies in which we invest, including the underlying real estate.


    The local expertise and diverse experience of our investment professionals have led to attractive results for our clients. They are able to make strategic and timely decisions in their respective markets.

Global Assets Under Management

  • 5.2

    Billion in assets under management

    USD as of March 31, 2022

With over 25 years of experience in the listed real estate securities arena, we have the foresight to create thoughtful investment solutions, suitable for a variety of investors.

Our current investment solutions include:

Global strategies

Heitman Global Real Estate Securities Strategy

A portfolio that provides an efficient means to invest in real estate globally. We utilize an investment process that combines our direct real estate knowledge with our public equities experience to identify mispriced securities. We manage the strategy to the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Index.

Heitman Global Prime Strategy

A benchmark-unaware, diversified portfolio of publicly traded global real estate securities designed to provide investors exposure to world-class property assets located in global gateway markets.

North American strategies

Heitman US Real Estate Securities Total Return Strategy

Our US real estate securities total return strategy provides an efficient means to invest in real estate in the US. We utilize an investment process that combines our direct real estate knowledge with our public equities experience to identify mispriced securities. We manage the strategy to the FTSE NAREIT US Equity REIT Index.

Heitman US Real Estate Securities Focused Strategy

Our US real estate securities focused strategy provides an efficient means to invest in real estate in the US. We utilize an investment process that combines our direct real estate knowledge with our public equities experience to identify mispriced securities, with greater active share and larger position sizes. We manage the strategy to the MSCI US REIT Index.

Heitman US Preferred REIT Strategy

Our US preferred REIT strategy provides investors with exposure to a portfolio of high yielding preferred securities issued by listed real estate companies with quality balance sheets.  We manage the strategy to the FTSE preferred Index.

European Strategies

Heitman European Tactical Income Strategy

Our European Tactical Income strategy provides an efficient means to invest in European real estate, focused on high-quality, yield-producing REITS and REOCS. The strategy utilizes an investment process that combines Heitman’s global experience investing in direct real estate with our public equities experience identifying income opportunities. We manage the strategy for total return through high dividend yield and capital appreciation.

We evolve as markets evolve and manage our strategies across a continuum of innovative investment vehicles to meet the needs of our investors.

Our current vehicles include:

Separate account

Our investment team has been managing listed real estate securities separate accounts since 1989. As one of the most experienced managers in the industry, our people have worked to create strong relationships with our clients.



A UCITS fund is an open-ended investment vehicle that allows collective investment in transferable securities. Available for a variety of investor types, including institutional and high-net-worth individuals, a UCITS fund offers real estate returns with daily liquidity.


For detailed information, visit the Heitman UCITS website.



A CIT, or collective investment trust, is a vehicle for a 401(k) or a similar qualified retirement plan. Our CIT products provide investors with an attractive allocation opportunity that is typically underutilized by these plans. This vehicle can also be utilized for private equity strategies.


For detailed information on our investment strategies, please visit the Solutions page.


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